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Why Yamaha F-310 Dreadnought is the 'guitar-next-door'?!

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Everyone feels like learning how to play the guitar at some point in their lives! But choosing a guitar for a beginner could be a bit challenging given the vast varieties of guitars and their brands.

Being a Guitarist for almost 7-8 years, I can say from my observation that the 'Yamaha F-310' is the 'Guitar-next-door' !

Let's see what makes this the guitar next door!

1. Best for beginners

The fret board of the guitar is very easy to hold in comparison with other guitars.

The scale length is less which makes it very easy on your fingers.

Weight of the guitar is slightly lighter than others,(approx. 2.4 kg) hence better for young players.

2. Affordable

The cost in India is comparatively quite affordable, ranging from 9k - 11k INR.

This range is perfect for a beginner who doesn't want to spend a fortune on a musical instrument.

This reason makes this guitar one of India's most favorite guitars!

3. Trustworthy brand

Yamaha is known to produce high quality musical instruments for years!

This gives great reliability which makes people opt for it.

Another plus is, it comes with the original Yamaha strings that are amazing!

4. Best for Rhythm

The sound produced by the guitar is extremely soothing and has a great echo effect.

It offers the best treble and bass combination.

Also, the sustainability of the sound is pretty good which results in effortless strumming.

So basically, Less efforts > More sound!

5. Pure Acoustic

According to me, pure acoustic guitars are better than semi-acoustic ones since leaking of the sound is not very common with them.

I will be writing in detail about it in my upcoming blogs.

6. Best suited for

Live shows as well as recordings of many genres including Bollywood, Pop and Jazz.

All in all, Yamaha F-310 is a classic that you can never go wrong with!

You can drop in any queries if you have in the comments section and I shall try to get in touch with you ASAP.

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